Facilities and equipment


  • Examination room

Large examination room with a non-slip flooring. Equipped with a brand new mobile stocks adjustable to different size of horses, making procedures like rectal examination, ultrasounds, endoscopy, gastroscopy and dentals safer for the staff and the patients. 

  • Padded knock-down box

Connected with the examination room where different procedures under general anaesthesia are performed. CCTV installed to monitor the recoveries. 

  • Two large stables with automatic water drinkers, hanging system for IV fluids and comfy bedding mucked out at least twice a day. 
  • Paddock for patients that are allowed free exercise and grazing.

  • Assisted reproduction equipment

Range of equipment for collection and analysis of semen as well as storage of frozen semen in liquid nitrogen.

  • Ultrasound equipment 

Abdominal and thoracic scan, diagnosis of tendon and ligament injuries, specialised fertility and pregnancy mare scanning including special probes for ovum pick up

  • Digital radiography system 

Battery-operated portable X-ray system

  • Endoscopy

Equipment used to examine upper respiratory tract, guttural pouches (examination + flushing for samples + local antibiotic treatment) and tracheal/bronchoalveolar lavages.

  • Gastroscope

Used for the diagnosis of oesophageal disease and gastric ulcers.  

  • Dentistry

Motorised dental equipment allowing us to perform procedures as routine teeth rasping to major extractions. Including wireless camera to deep exploration back teeth.